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What does the interview involve?

Mainly, we will address a few issues about you, what you want to do and what you want to do next.

You do not have to worry about the interview, it is rather a means of communication, by which we get to know each other better, and our studio is another side of communication, and the interview is no exception.

Do I have to have a flawless body to work at the Rose video chat studio?

Character and attitude are the most important to succeed in video chat. Charisma and charm are more important than beauty in video chat. We can train anyone to be very good in this area. Physical appearance helps but it is not the most important!

Is my anonymity guaranteed?

Our video chat studio is based on discretion and intimacy, your identity will never be revealed, the location is declared a call centre (which it is in a way).

Can I work at Rose if I’m still in college?

Yes, at Rose you can work as much as you want, whenever you want. We offer 100% flexibility!

What makes the Rose studio different?

We focus on you and your needs. Respect and discretion are our strengths!

How will I know how much money I will earn?

Trust is one of the most important values at the Rose studio. Therefore, we have 100% transparency, which means you will be able to see the money you make on each profile site at any time.

I would like to work with you, but I am afraid to give up my current job. What if I don’t make any money at the beginning and I won’t have money to pay the rent?

We also thought about this and that is why we offer you a minimum income of $ 1,000, if you are serious, focused on work, speak good English and respect at least 6.5 hours/day online on average. However, we are convinced that as a percentage you will exceed the minimum income of $ 1,000 from the first month!

Are there prizes, bonuses?

Like any other company, employees benefit from a lot of promotions. On a regular basis, we have contests with high chances to win prizes. We will keep you updated with all the prizes and bonuses offered at the interview.

When will you be able to get started?

If you are a woman and over the age of 18, you can simply click on the contact page to set up an interview with us, or you can chat with a member of our team via the site’s internal chat. After the interview, a contract is signed, and in maximum 2 days you can actually start the work.

Do I have a legal contract?

Of course! In our video chat studio, the frame is perfectly legal. You will benefit from the legal classification rights. We pay all taxes at the state.

How do I get the money?

You are paid biweekly or weekly, directly on your card or cash, of your choice. For more details on winnings, go here!

What is the working schedule?

Because you will have 100% flexibility, it is up to you how you choose your shift. Half-time, full-time, day or night. As you wish. Of course we are here for you and we will advise you to choose the best formula to maximize your winnings.

I have no experience in this field, can I work?

Yes, at the Rose studio we offer you free training and we will do our best to get you win big profits in the shortest time. You do not need previous experience to work with us.

Is the staff of female gender?

Out of respect for the intimacy of the models, the studio staff is exclusively female. Our exclusively team of women includes: trainer, admin, photographer, make-up artist.

Do I receive training at the beginning?

Yes, at the beginning, at the middle and whenever you feel the need to reach your next level of goals, our team will do everything it can to help you prosper. It’s easy!

We will support you every day! – We are an open communication team, a family that we want you to be part of.

Do you accept just girls?

We also accept couples

It is so easy to get a good paying job!


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